Video Presentations

Show off last season's photos with an amazing video compilation. Our professionally produced video compilations include motion graphics, eye catching titles and a motivational soundtrack.

Video PresentationsWe not only build websites but offer full video production services. All guides and clients take pictures. Make sure your guides take pictures and before your client leaves, ask them for a copy of the pictures or have them email the pictures to you once they get home. You can not only use those photos on your website, but create an engaging promotional video that can be posted on the internet and even authored to a DVD to send out to your clients inviting them back next year!
We produce professional looking videos, not the junk you typically see on YouTube!

Click here to see a recent example video!
The bottom line: Professional video will give you an edge over the competition.

Learn More About How a Video Presentation Can Help You

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We make it easy for you to get a professionally produced video presentation using your photographs!
  • Send us your photos via Email, CD, Flash Drive or upload via FTP
  • Give us some information about the photos and your guide service
  • We build a professional presentation for you and submit for your approval
  • Really, it is that easy to have a marketing tool that can be used for many years to come!
    We have been in the video production industry for nearly 20 years and understand how to produce quality videos.  We guarantee your video will look like something off the Outdoor Channel as long as you provide us with quality photos.  We will use high quality text, graphics, audio and editing techniques to give you a product you will be proud to share with your clients. This is not your typical YouTube guide video, we will produce you a truly professional product!
    We are experts at creating eye catching graphics and text that will keep your viewers attention and encourage them to share the video with their friends!
    Audio is just as important as the visuals in any video. We will create a video presentation with a soundtrack that will inspire your viewer to get out hunting or fishing again! We have access to a multitude of royalty free music so you won't have worries about copyright infringement like is so often encountered with YouTube videos.
    Many guides host their videos on their own site and we are strongly against this tactic for 90% of all guides. Having your video on YouTube increases your exposure to potential clients and is free advertising. Hosting videos on YouTube doesn't mean you can't display them on your website, especially with some of the awesome tools provided by a website!
    Once your video is completed to your satisfaction, we will properly compress your video for optimal image quality and upload to YouTube for you or send it off to you to upload yourself. We can also help you get your video up and running on your own website streaming from YouTube seamlessly!
    We don't just offer you the option of using your video on YouTube, we offer many tools and options to embed your video on your website, include it in your video gallery, stream from popup windows and more!
    Although we can help anyone get a YouTube video up and running on their website, the vast amount of powerful tools available on a website is unequaled anywhere.
    Once your video is complete you can easily utilize the power of Social Networking to share your video across the internet. Who knows, if your pictures are good enough your video could go viral, it happens everyday!
    We have the capability to author high quality professional DVDs once your video is complete. Many guides use DVDs as a "call-back" tool by mailing out a DVD of the past year's experiences. By sending your clients a DVD showcasing the past year is an amazing tool to remind them of the fun they had, and by including as many clients as you can they are more likely to share the DVD with others to say, "look at me!". Often times clients will request more DVDs from a guide to share with family and friends, thus increasing your chance of obtaining new clients!

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    Photos for Video

    Here are a few quick tips:
    • Make sure all guides have at least a 5 megapixel camera always
    • Take your own photo of a good catch or trophy
    • Ask clients for their good photos if possible
    • Have cameras set at the highest quality setting possible (quality is better than quantity in video)
    • Keep the sun slightly behind and to the side of the camera
    • Get shots of fish & wildlife when out scouting