Features of a YourGuideSite.com Website

The internet is an ever-evolving organism. We provide you with the tools to stay ahead of your competition and stand out from the crowd.

imageIn the end, the goal of any website is to relay information to people. At YourGuideSites.com we know the information you offer your potential clients is important. Most guides have a brochure with their basic guide service info and a phone number. We offer an entire new way to convey your information to potential clients via the internet. Imagine that your brochure was alive, could answer questions and update itself while sitting on a potential clients shelf. Now imagine that brochure could ring like a phone when you had an update about your guide service. That new trophy marlin could be updated in real-time so the next time somebody looks at the brochure, there it is!
This is a reality called a modern website.

YourGuideSite.com Website Feature List

Guide Booking Calendars

Let your website do the booking for you!

Online calendars allow you to show your availability, let clients pay deposits over the internet and book open days. Once a client books a guided service, both you and the client will be sent emails confirming the booking and deposit. Depending on the type of guide service you provide, you may simply want to show your availability online and have the client call or email you. Our online calendar booking system is extremely flexible to fit the needs of all types of guides.

Click here to learn more about our powerful booking calendars and see a demo.

Photo Galleries

Show off your service with advanced photo and video galleries!

Our photo and video galleries allow you to create categories for different species, your lodging, your landscape, boats, planes or anything else. Our photo caption features make your pictures search engine friendly which drives traffic to your website. We provide you with the tools you need to easily upload photos and video on your own so you can be in charge of your galleries. You don't have to call us to post a photo the next time you make that trophy marlin catch or that B&C buck your client just took.

Click here to see a demo photo gallery.
Click here to see a demo video gallery.

Create blogs, tutorials, recipes and more!

Drive traffic to your site with blogs, tutorials, gear reviews, recipes, area statistics and information about what you do best!

We provide you with tools to easily create informative content using text, pictures and video that turns your website into a destination for clients. Add more value to your website than just a simple price list. Potential clients constantly search the internet and Google loves to search text. Providing as much content in your area of expertise is the best way to get your website found and put your site at the top of the results.

Click here to see a few ideas, but the sky is the limit!

Easy Email Newsletters

Send captivating email newsletters with ease!

We provide mass email capabilities and newsletter signup directly on your website. Email is an amazing tool to remind your clients what an amazing time they had and invite them all back by simply sending out news about a fish that you are currently targeting, updates on the fishing in your area or news about a trophy a client may have caught. People on your email list often forward your emails to other potential clients as well. Our websites make the email marketing process extremely easy and for most guides sending email is free!

Manage Your Own Website!

Easily modify most aspects of your own website!

Our advanced CMS (Content Management System) allows anybody with minimal computer knowledge to add photographs and video, update your calendar, blog, modify most text on your website and more. Stop calling the "web guy" every time you need to add a photo of that amazing fish you just caught or need to update information on one of your hunts. If you can use a program like Microsoft Word, you can easily modify most of your website on your own! We help get you started customizing your website with personal support and tutorials.

Search Engine Optimization - get found on Google.

Search engine optimized websites!

A content and feature rich website gets found by search engines and puts you higher on the search results list than your competition. Using many techniques we build websites that are very search engine friendly and give you a better chance at ranking high in the results, giving you a tremendous edge over your competition.

Share your websites with Facebook and Twitter integration!

Social networking integration!

We can add Facebook sharing and like buttons to many different sections of your site, making it easy for somebody to share almost any page of your site with a single click. We can add Twitter feeds right on your page and also accommodate many other social networking tools!

Custom Websites for Your Guide Industry

We custom tailor each website to your specific niche in the guiding industry. If you are a fishing guide that does one day charters or week long float plane trips we have the tools to custom build a website to fill your advertising and booking needs.  If you are a hunter and book one day hunts, week long back country excursions via plane or horseback or even African safaris, we know how to set up a website to fit your exact needs. Follow the links below to learn more about what we can offer you as a fishing or hunting guide.
Fishing Guide Websites by YourGuideSite.com
Your Guide Site Fishing WebsitesFully featured websites for your fishing guide business!

Click to learn more about a fishing website!
Hunting Guide Websites by YourGuidesite.com
Your Guide Site Fishing WebsitesLet us build the ultimate website for your hunting guide service!

Click to learn more about a hunting website!

View Demo Sites

Fishing Site Demo
Your Guide Site Fishing WebsitesSee for yourself and take a look at a demo website for fishing guides.
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Hunting Site Demo
Your Guide Site Hunting WebsitesSee for yourself and take a look at a demo website for hunting guides.
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